In 2003 Gerald and Joan Johnson longtime residents of Cypress Hills
Park met with the
Friends of Cypress Hills Park to make arrangements to have their
cottage transformed
into a Residence to be used by Artists when they decided to move from the

On September 1, 2015 this the residence was officially transferred to the
Friends of
Cypress Hills Park.

This residence is a 3100 square foot year round facility with 2 bedrooms,
kitchen, bath, family room(show area) and a loft library (studio).

A committee is being formed to Manage this facility and they have the following objectives:

(a) To manage and operate the Centre as a non-profit charitable facility which will provide a residential facility for the use by
selected persons who are
working on their educational or artistic pursuits.
(b) To foster appreciation and understanding of the value of art and culture; to educate park visitors; and also to learn about
and celebrate Cypress Hills
culture; all for participating artists, park visitors and for the citizens of Saskatchewan.
(c) To pursue the educational and artistic advancement of participants of the Cultural Centre program, while providing a
wholesome, peaceful and inspiring
natural environment in which to work
(d) To provide two opportunities for participants, the first being a residential retreat by which selected individuals could reside
in the centre for short
periods to focus on their personal work, and the second being artist's residence whereby selected individuals spend part of the
time carrying out their
personal work and part of the time working with the community to carry out some form of public programming.

If you Qualify and are interested in Renting this facility or want
information please follow the link to Cypress Hills Interprovincial
Park or call
Melody at 306-662-5411.