Planets, comets or constellations can be adopted. This means that once you have
$1000 to adopt a planet, comet or constellation no one else can adopt or claim the
same one.
These will also have a plaque that will be placed on the observatory wall.
Several people have already donated and adopted their constellation along with stars
for every member of their family.
They have asked that we place their family stars around their planet, comet or
We will do this. Imagine your family of stars all grouped together on the walls of the
Cypress Observatory

The Friends of Cypress Hills Park, Inc. want you to
become a part
of an exciting new project that will enhance and expand
the astronomy education programs within the park.
How? By Building an Observatory in the
Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park - Saskatchewan.
The excitment is growing and the fundraising has started, now
this is
where you can help. We need to sell thousands of stars and
people adopt hundreds of planets, comets or constellations.

You can purchase a single star for $35 or you can purchase an
immediate family pack (parents and their children) for $100.
Each member of the family will receive a star. Every star,
with your name on it, will be placed on the celestial walls
of the Observatory. Every star is accompanied with a
that is issued by the
Royal Astronomical Society Of Canada
that you can hang on your own wall.
"Be a Star - Buy a Star" has become the Fundrasing slogan.